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[ February 20 ][News] Lekool MMO RTS Warflow Server 3 launch

Lekool Inc. (http://www.lekool.com) is a fast growing p […]

[ January 30 ][Game Updates]WarFlow Version 4.1

1. New Maps Two new war maps are available, which are U […]

[ August 17 ][All Games Event] The Lekool Talent Show! Win 500$ ~ 2000 Gold!

www.youtube.com/lekooltalent Everyone has a talent and […]

[ December 22 ]Holiday Greetings from Lekool

Dear players, As Christmas and New Year are approaching […]

[ December 20 ]Christmas Event! Great Benefits! They Are all Here for You!

To provide you with a wonderful Christmas, we improved […]

[ November 29 ]New Heroes! New Battlefields! New Ranks! They Are all Here for You!

After maintenance on November 29, the WarFlow is change […]

[ November 23 ]Ensured Escape, Imperial Seal! They are all here for you

When is the best to timing to show your gratitude to yo […]

[ November 23 ]Grand Banquet for You, the King of WarFlow!

It is you who made the history of WarFlow!It is you who […]

[ November 22 ]Get A Top Place in the Rank to Win the Powerful Weapons!

To make you get powerful Eqpt. and a wonderful thanksgi […]

[ November 22 ]Warflow Thanksgiving Event

Download (75.37 KB) 3 day ago 07:31 Thanksgiving is a w […]